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The DPLLexis Marker operates at a wavelength of 355nm in the ultraviolet spectral range and offers new opportunities for the marking of many materials. This laser is suitable especially for the precise marking of plastics and glass. The marking is produced by a very low heat. In this way, even highly sensitive products can be marked extremely gently and in a very high contrast without a thermal and mechanical stress of the material. The laser works with thermoelectric air cooling instead of high-maintenance air/water or water cooling, so that time-consuming maintenance work and expensive downtimes are avoided.The system represents a solution in accordance with laser safety class 4. For operation in accordance with laser safety class 1, ACI Laser GmbH also provides complete solutions in the form of lasers in conjunction with different manual workplaces.

Fields of application

The BusinessDiode lasers can be used either at a manual workplace or as integration components in an automated system.


The marking software MagicMark required for operation is included in the scope of delivery. This enables the marking of texts, graphics, codes such as Data Matrix or barcodes, serial numbers, logos, wraparound circumferential marking without lap marks on rotationally symmetrical work pieces. An intelligent rights management system supports the establishment of different operator groups, thus allowing customisation of the system to the user's individual requirements. Even fully automatic operation with data exchange to different data sources is possible for automated production lines without any problems.

Please contact our distribution partner in your home country for further information.

Technical details

Lasertype Nd:YVO4
Wave length 355 nm
Pumping principle Longitudinal
Laser power 2W
Beam quality 1,5 ≤ M² ≤ 2
Number of adjustable pulse lengths 10-18ns
Pulse repetition rate 40-200 kHz
Laser class 4
Input max. 220 W
Weight 20 kg
Length 740 mm
Width 201 mm
Height 233 mm
Connected load 100–240 VAC / 16 A / 50-60 Hz
Interfaces USB 2.0, SPS-Interface, Interlock PLe


Annealing marking nicht geeignet
Coating ablation gut geeignet
Material ablation gut geeignet
Foaming sehr gut geeignet
Carbonation sehr gut geeignet
Engraving nicht geeignet
Glass sehr gut geeignet
Ceramic gut geeignet
Wood, Paper, Leather gut geeignet

nicht geeignet    nicht geeignet
gut geeignet    gut geeignet
sehr gut geeignet    sehr gut geeignet

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