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Material ablation

When marking wood, the surface of the material is vapourised. Depending on the colour and structure, it is possible to produce deep markings, which to a certain extent can be rich in contrast. For direct leather marking, only CO2 lasers are generally suitable.

The advantages of laser marking on leather lie particularly in the robustness compared to mechanical stress (depending on the marking depth), heat influences and liquids (e.g. water and oils). This type of laser marking is also characterised by extremely high resolution and sharp-edged marking. Laser marked workpieces generally appear considerably of higher quality than conventional or non-marked materials.

The correct laser technology for the user is basically oriented to the marking depth desired and the machining time available. The laser technology best suited for your application can be determined in one of the ACI laboratories by a free-of-charge test. 

Suitable systems


The BusinessDiode series systems are suitable for (amongst other things) marking leather and other organic materials.