Robotic laser marking system

Fully-automatic special solution


The robot integrated into the laser station enables fast and complex movement sequences when handling objects. It both independently removes objects from a workpiece carrier and replaces them back. Since this no longer has to take place on a manual bases, the work steps – and thus the cycle times – are reduced for the user. Not only laser marking can be performed in the laser station, but other handling processes, such as the scanning of codes, can also be integrated into the station, thereby further boosting the efficiency of process workflows and controls.


  • 6 joints for free movement to each point in the interior of the laser station.
  • Multi-sided labelling in all positions by means of effortless rotation, pivoting, turning of the workpieces
  • Simple reprogramming of the robot for various components – no more time-consuming conversion
  • Integration of other handling sequences, such as reading systems (retrieving, scanning and checking of codes or plain text) or camera systems
  • 3 different sizes of the industrial robot according to load and range required
  • An individual gripping system to fit the workpiece selectable
  • Full integration into the safety circuit of the entire laser system
  • Simple and intuitive control via the Magic Mark labelling software
  • Can be combined with any ACI laser

Technical data (robot)




Rotation of joints

Base area

Number of joints


3–10 kg

500–1300 mm

+/- 0.1 mm

+/- 360°
endless joint rotation at the workpiece interface

Ø 118–190 mm

6 rotating joints

all rotating joints: 180–360°/sec.
other joints: 120–180°/sec.
workpiece: usually 1m/sec.

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