Rotary Table RT 400

The RT400 is a rotary table for the laser marking of workpieces virtually without interruption. During an active marking process the RT400 can be loaded or unloaded and therefore allows a time-saving laser marking in serial productions.

Rundtakttisch RT400


  • Loading or unloading of the laser station during an active laser marking process virtually without interruption of the process which reduces the processing time
  • Programmable z-axis for laser marking of workpieces with varying heights
  • Integrated light curtain for protection of the user
  • Depending on the application combinable with different marking lasers by ACI



  • Tabletop construction
  • Conncetion option for two motion sensors
  • Digital in- and outputs for the control of the table rotation
  • Key switch for hand- and automatic mode
  • Integrated SPS control
  • Connection option for external extraction and filter system
  • One-hand operation via touch-button
  • Transparent standing wall with laser protection glass for optimal monitoring of the laser marking process
  • Side door for setup purposes
  • Integrated focus finder

Operating Principle

Equipped with two loading postions the rotary table RT400 rotates in 180 degree steps at a time into the processing position. During the marking process the laser station can be loaded and already marked parts can be removed. Easy one-hand operation is possible due to a touch-button at the front of the station.

An integrated light curtain guarantees additional user protection. If triggered not the entire process is stopped but instead only interrupted. It can be continued by pressing the button once again.

A transparent standing wall with laser protection glass allows an optimal monitoring of the laser marking process. By means of a key-operated switch it is possible to change between one-hand and autmatic operation mode.

The RT400 has a programmable Z-axis allowing the laser marking of workpieces with varying heights. The appropiate marking laser technology will be selected according to the requirements of the customer and the specific application.

Outer Dimensions

Outer Dimensions of Rotary Table RT400

Marking Area

Marking Area of Rotary Table RT400

Technical Data of RT400


Yb:Fibre, 20 ... 70 W, other laser types on request

Size of marking field area

135 x 180 mm

Diameter of parts

400 mm

Rotation angle

180 °

Rotation speed

3 s

Size of laser station (W x H x D)

510 x 556 x 885 mm

Max. hight of parts

100 mm
optional expandable to 135 mm with a fokus shifter

Weight (without laser)

~120 kg

Max. load per loading position

8 kg

Functional safety due to
EN ISO 13849-1



Hand- or automatic operation mode, one-hand operation via touch-button
membrane keys

Power connection

230 VAC/16 A


Connectivity for 2 motion sensors
digital in- and outputs
key swith for changing the operation mode
integrated SPS control, TCP/IP control

Interlock connection

two channel interlock, SD-ready

Laser marking software

Magic Mark V3 – Business Edition

Laser class



For more information on the product and for application integration, please contact our sales team.


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