DFL Brevis Marker – Ultra Short Pulse Laser (USP)

Ultra-short light pulses in the range of picoseconds achieve outstanding processing results in the
micrometer range. Highly-precise material processings with low damage can be realized.


  • Enormous pulse power and short pulse length with simultaneous low heat input (“cold marking”)
  • Marking of highly sensitive materials without change of surface structure
  • High precision, level of detail and surface qualities
  • Easy operation via laser marking software Magic Mark V3
  • Functional safety due to PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1


  • Burr-free engravings on stainless or hardened steel, aluminium and glass
  • Black markings on raw aluminium, stainless steel, and HSS-steel
  • Color change on plastics
  • Laser markings on silicone
  • Structuring of surfaces
  • Cutting of thin materials

Technical Data

Laser type

Fibre laser (Ytterbium - picoseconds fibre laser)

Operating mode




Wave length

1030 nm

Laser power (max.)

50 W

Beam quality

1,2 ≤ M2 ≤ 1,4

Pulse peak performance (max.)

10 MW

Pulse energy

25 mJ

Pulse length

1–3 ps

Pulse repetition frequency

50–2000 kHz

Transport fibre

2 m

Laser class

4, optional 1

F-Theta lens (optional)




Size of marking area

60 x 60 mm

110 x 110 mm

180 x 188 mm

Power input

650 W

Weight Laser head

~8 kg

Weight Supply unit

~100 kg

Length laser head (W x H D)

149 x 107 x 596 mm

Length supply unit (W x H x D)

598 x 691 x 947 mm


100–240 VAC/ 12 A / 50–60 Hz


Laser interface: ready-for-operation/fault message, external shutter warning lights

8 digital inputs/8 digital outputs

difference inputs for “marking on the fly”
2 ethernet interfaces2 serial interfaces (RS232/RS485), 1 USB 2.0 interface

Interlock connection

Two-circuit interlock, SD-Ready

Functional safety acc. to
EN ISO 13849-1



Magic Mark V3 – Business Edition


Please contact you local sales partner for more information.


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