ACI Newsletter 09.2016

Vision Systems: Camera Solutions by ACI Laser

CPM (Capturing, Positioning, Marking) and AOI (Automatic Object Identification)

The use of vision systems for image capturing and processing is increasingly important in industrial environments and an important tool in order to control and optimize processes.


Scope of tasks of vision systems:

  • display

  • control

  • check

  • measure

  • identify

Objectives when using vision systems:

  • easy handling of marking jobs

  • high-precision positioning of laser beam on object to be marked

  • process and quality assurance

According to the variety of objects and applications ACI Laser offers customer-specific camera solutions with various lighting scenarios.


CPM – Camera for capturing a live or single image of the marking area

User-friendly positioning and laser marking

Scope of tasks:

CPM is used for the camera-supported positioning of markings on objects, parts and workpieces. In combination with fibre lasers of the serie Ventus the camera is integrated into the scanner head.

CPM with fiber laser DFL Ventus Marker
Marking area is displayed as live or single image in marking software Magic Mark

Depending on the camera lens in the standard version of CPM the entire marking area is displayed.


In the graphic area of Magic Mark the single image is used for positioning of the layout.

tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/VPB_A4.tif.jpg tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/VPB_A5.tif.jpg
Positioning of contents such as data matrix code (DMC) and text Workpiece with laser marking

By choosing the appropriate lens, CPM can also capture and process smaller sections of the marking area for applications that require higher resolutions.

Lasers of the serie Diode and COTwo Marker have the camera attached to the laser head externally. The live image captured by the camera is rectified perspectively.

Typical parameters of CPM:



AOI – Image processing and analysis 

High-end camera system for customer-specific applications

Scope of tasks:

AOI is used for the detection, identification and measurement of objects, text and codes with complex geometrics. The combination of object detection and laser marking offers an excellent possibility of quality and process safety and the more efficient process control of numerous application.

  • detection

  • identification

  • classification

  • control of presence, position and rotary orientation

  • counting and sorting

  • completeness check

  • measurement

AOI captures and analyzes the marking area online using a camera system. The laser marking is aligned to the object automatically and can be verified following the marking.

Fibre laser DFL VentusMarker with AOI Teaching of position of microcontroller in marking area for the following marking
tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/Platine_1.jpg tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/Platine_2.jpg
  Localization and positioning of a circuit board using AOI

An additional area of application of AOI is the reading of 1D and 2D codes and the optical character recognition (OCR).

tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/DMC.jpg tl_files/Uploads/Microsites/Vision-Systeme/QR_2_a.jpg.jpg

2D Barcodes: DMC (data matrix code) and QR code

Optical character recognition (OCR)

The technical implementation of the high-end camera system AOI will be made according to customer-specific requirements and geomtric features of the object to be marked.

The image and marking area will be defined according to the task and size of the object. Resolutions of the system vary depending on the size of the image field and lenses in use. Typically, resolutions of 20 μm/Pixel at image sizes of 20 x 20 mm² up to 80 μm/Pixel at image sizes of 110 x 110 mm² can be achieved. AOI can be used with all lasers by ACI.

Get advice from the ACI sales team on which camera solution may be the best for your individual application.



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